Saturday, March 20, 2010

The start of something new/long overdue?

Hello there!

So after some gentle prodding from the people that know my passion for fine dining and photography only too well, I’ve decided to try my hand at food blogging. In lieu of a 3-year hiatus from the lonely world that has now become Xanga (darn you Facebook for stealing away all of my blogging friends!), this will be my new space for writing again, whether it be posting about fun new eateries in my current city of Baltimore and beyond, my baking/cooking endeavors (and perhaps fiascos), old/new recipes, or anything that stimulates my curious palate.

And onto the real reason I'm staring blearily at my laptop screen at 2 am in the morning - I recently returned from a fun-filled adventure in Rockville, Maryland with childhood Ohio friends in doing what we do best – eating ourselves into excessive food coma! Our first evening together was spent cooking up a fine asian feast of crispy garlic-ginger soy chicken wings, chinese pork spare ribs, steamed eggplant, eel/avocado and spicy California rolls, and fried crab cheese wontons, followed by far-from-homespun yet equally indulgent evenings of traditional thai cuisine, then carryout pizza and popeye's chicken. Recipes and photos to be posted later when my pharmacy school exams and projects from this potentially hellish week blow over...

On a rather unrelated note, if anyone has any good recipes featuring condensed milk, chocolate, or spam as the main ingredient, please don’t hesitate to send them my way =)

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